Tuesday, November 6, 2012

coming to a house in the woods this july

yes, its true. all the rumors you've seen floating around social media
keldie baby #4 is in the making
well actually...made
just brewing
due july 15th if my calculations are correct
this is how i told chris
with bath tub crayons and a very artistic picture on the shower wall
i now have an excuse to throw up wherever i want, and wear sweatpants, and take naps, and carry around a bucket and a bag of ginger
i also don't feel the need to fight off sleep at 730pm
i am one of the lucky ones who gets the "fun" pregnancy symptoms before i even know i'm pregnant
crying (more than usual anyway) nausea and sleepyness
so get off my back
im making a kid
whats your excuse?
i'm very excited
WE'RE very excited
my lady plumbing has clearly not be affected by this ovary disfunction i have
who's surprised?
probably no one
some of you may be asking "why?"
why do we not wait the usual 12 weeks to spread the news of the growing little one?
1. we can't keep secrets
2. we are excited and celebrating a little life and no matter how long we have it with us we want to be excited with our friends and family. God gave us another baby and its a baby from the moment of conception so that is something to celebrate. this is why we don't wait around for a miscarriage like most people do. if it happens we will of course be sad but at least we got the chance to love it while it was here. 
back to (1)...i found out thismorning and had to keep the secret from EVERYBODY until chris got home and found out. this practically killed me. the past 3 times he's knows pretty much immediately and then everybody else knew about 5 minutes later...when chris was done freaking out and squeezing the life out of me. this time i did not run out of the bathroom with my pants barely pulled up holding a pee stick and crying
this time i had to pretend like nothing was going on when he called
but now the world knows
surprisingly, my first thought when i was "pregnant" pop up on the test wasn't "holy crap....labor sucks"
nope. after 3 times i guess i'm over the fear
get back to be when i'm about 36 weeks
i might be freaking out
feel free to call us or text us and be excited with us 
feel free to NOT say stupid crap like "are you catholic?" or "aren't you worried about over population?" or "wow. you're stupid"
you will surely get a swift kick to the throat
yay 4! we can't wait to see you!
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  1. Yea!!! I'm super excited!!! We need to get to work to catch up to you!