Monday, February 25, 2013

Half Way

today i am halfway
i guess maybe i should say that a week from today i am halfway but only because i always assume i'll be pregnant for 42 weeks
you know, because babies don't like schedules
but if you look on my chart at my midwife's office i'm 20 weeks
i have yet to actually experience my due date but i will not put it past this child considering the fact that it made me sicker and more tired than any of the other 3 pregnancies
i have currently been craving honeydew melon and cold canned salmon (eww. i know. but i can't help it)
i am 6lbs into my 25
i believe most of it has gone to my backside
chris doesn't mind in the least
i am mostly over the horrible HG i was experiencing the first 17 weeks
i can now manage any nausea with tea and ginger like a normal person
i am also extremely worried that i wont be able to get everything ready in the next 20 weeks
5 months
but if i'm being honest here i'm still catching up on laundry from 2 weeks ago
so its possible that if i don't get my big booty in gear, i wont be ready
so now i make lists
food i need to make and freeze mostly
i'm not expecting to get any post baby meals due to our "weird" diet so i'm trying to plan ahead and have plenty in the freezer
it took me 3 pregnancies to finally realize the importance of naps
i want all you first time moms to listen up for a second
i used the excuse "i have so much i could get done instead"
but seriously, napping is going to help you out so much in the end
more than having the windows washed just then
or the furniture polished
or the kitchen floor swept
those things can happen after nap
even if you only get 20 minutes you need to try every day
i can't stress this enough
this is the first pregnancy i took my mothers advice on this seriously
and i wish i had done it earlier
think of it as part of the important ingredients to building a healthy baby and keeping yourself healthy

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Work It Pregnant Girl

Exercise would normally be done to get/stay in shape
Exercise while pregnant has a completely different purpose
Unless you are a freak of nature, working out wont help you stay skinny if you're growing a human
In my case, it doesn't matter how much I work out...there is still a 9month race between my belly and my butt
Your body will (hopefully) be storing fat for nursing a baby

I ran 2 miles a day until 36 weeks with izzy and still gained 35 lbs
I didn't work out hardly at all with reed and gained 18 but was sick and miserable and had horrible back problems.

Exercise during this time in your life has a different purpose
It helps your body adjust to the rapid changes
It helps you not have so many aches and pains
It helps labor (or so I've been told)
It helps you get back to pre-pregnancy shape after your sweet little one is born
It helps keep you healthy and actually gives the baby a workout while its in your belly
So even though it seems pointless to do jumping jacks and squats because you're still going to gain weight (hopefully) you need to get moving as many days a week as possible. Your postpartum body will thank you.
Enjoy your new curves.
And if you're super lucky like me, your husband will love them. The 3 Bs of a sexy pregnant lady: boobs butt and belly
Own it

Monday, February 4, 2013

Just Be By Me

We don't go out a whole lot
dates cost money
babysitters cost even more
(unless my mom is available but i can't wear the poor woman out asking her to come over here every weekend. she has a bazillion grandkids)
(but this is only a few of them)
honestly though most of the time chris and i would rather be at home, in sweatpants, watching movies together on the couch
although we desperately need time out of the house alone without the kids, we mostly just like to be with eachother as much as possible
i recently realized that our most popular phrase that gets said by both of us is "just be by me"
we just like to be together
it doesn't matter if we're just going to walmart, doing yardwork, cutting up a deer, grocery shopping, or just sitting around doing nothing
we like to be together
our biggest fights happen soon after we have been forced to spend alot of time apart due to work, hunting season, or other random things
sounds corny and lame huh?
well we don't care
we just love to be together
and i wouldn't have it any other way
engagement day
i DID marry my best friend after all so why would i want to be anywhere else in the world?