Wednesday, October 31, 2012

7 gross ways to save money

1. the first and most obviously is stop taking showers. think about this. you shower every day or every other day. if you cut it down to once a week you'd be saving so much water! the only problem is you might have to buy more deoderant so use sparingly
2. make reusable toilet paper
everyone's doing it
3. if you can't afford costly cloth diaper sets just let your kids run around naked.
outside is preferable
4. if its yellow let it mellow if its brown...scoop it out and throw it in the woods
see! never have to flush the toilet again
bam. money saved on the water bill
5. save your toenail clippings and use as a firestarter
6. learn the fine art of the snot rocket and don't buy kleenex ever again
7. and finally we have come to the one i actually do. don't wash your hair. go poo free. all i use is baking soda once a week. so hmm...lets see. a bottle of shampoo is $3 (even back then i was cheap) and a huge bag of baking soda that will last me forever is $5something. and my showers are super short
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