Wednesday, July 16, 2014

24 Lessons From A Multiple Food Allergy Family

Reed's Allergies: dairy, goat dairy, eggs, all fish, all nuts, gluten, and mustard
Izzy's Allergies: cashews
FYI: 1-4 are the reason I'm writing a book
1: if something is gluten free it will definitely have eggs
2: if something is vegan it will have gluten
3: if something is vegan AND gluten free it will have nuts
4: if something is free of "normal" allergens it will most likely have mustard
5: people will say things like "because of people like you..."
6: {insert rude comment about how your child's food allergies is ruining someone elses life}
7: you will not be invited places
8: you will be invited and then told "but we're having boiled eggs,  peanut butter icecream, and fried fish"
9: you will be told you're being over protective by not having eggs and milk in your house
10: you will be "weird"
11: you will have nightmares
12: you will find out who your real friends are
13: you will be unable to find a loaf of store bought bread that doesn't taste like soap or cost you under $10
14: buying "safe" icecream will break the bank
15: doing your taxes takes as much time as a person who owns their own small business
16: life saving medicine is stupid expensive
17: you will be turned away from some activities when a person says "we're not changing anything just for one family"
18: you will learn that you just have to do whats right for your family no matter what anybody else says to try to make you feel bad
19: most days will feel like "you against the world"
20: you will be thankful for everyday that your child lives because of all the close calls
21: old people will not even understand what you're talking about when you say "anaphylactic shock" from food
22: feeding your kid a new food will be terrifying
23: every year that you go back for testing you will hope the numbers have gone down and when they have gone up instead you'll say "maybe next year"
24: you will instantly fall in love with anybody who makes an extra effort to keep your kid safe
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stay At Home Mama and Blue Collar Man

I stay at home. I knew I would do this since I was a kid. Obviously, since my mom did so would I right? Chris wanted me to stay home with our babies as well and we had a talk about this before we were even engaged. 
This isn't everyone's choice. It's ours though, and I will not be made to feel like I'm less of a woman for doing it. I don't stay at home because I have a husband with a fancy job and we are rich. Quite the opposite. We are still a pay-check to pay-check family just like most of the country these days. Don't assume that just   because I'm not working we are loaded. We decided to make sacrifices to keep me here: barefoot in the kitchen. Although after doing some research I'm not entirely sure how people afford to have 2 working parents? Have you seem the price of daycare? We would actually lose money if I wanted I go back to work. 
Anyway, not rich. Poor and happy. No fancy vacations, no eating out every week, no credit cards or loans, but we are happy. I am happy in my roll and he in his. 
I feel extremely blessed that I have the opportunity to be here while Chris works all day. We could have a crap ton of debt and school loans. He could be lazy and put us on welfare. He could be a jerk and tell me I have to go to work. But no, he sacrifices himself for us and we love him all the more for it. He gets up when it's still dark, puts on his well worn boots and his hard hat and leaves before the sun is up. He comes home tired and dirty some days (dirtier the better! Am I right ladies?!). He scrubs dirt and paint from his hands. He plays with the kids. He loves on me. And he does it all again the next day. I am a lucky girl.