Friday, August 3, 2012

today is friday and i killed a chicken

430am: all the lights are on in the house and izzy and reed and coming in to wake us up
i put them back
shut off the lights
crawled in bed
445am: hank starts screaming

yay! 5am and everybody is back to sleep

oops. nope. tophers alarm goes off and he's getting up for work
kids are BACK in our room. this times with books and blankets in tow

send topoher off to work...or rather...his "random" drug test. he even had to take a breathalizer. really? who comes to work drunk? if you do, you deserve to be fired. just saying.

6am: everybody is crying

615: breakfast

645: please children. go out to play in the dirt. i NEED my pot of french press

7: laundry time! whatwhat!

730: request coming from the front door for bubbles. yes little dears, you may take the bubbles outside

745: i cleaned the house thoroughly yesterday. i am still missing 2 important things: 1. my size 7 pink chuck taylor. 2. a blue light saber

8am: oops. my coffee is cold. oh well. add some ice and pretend like i meant to have iced coffee

805: stare into the deep freezer and try to think of something to make for dinner. yay! a whole chicken! rosemary chicken? yes. basil fry bread? yes. steamed broccoli? yes. "fried" yellow squash? yes.

810am: my kids clothes are lying on the floor and they're out in their underwear. they kept their clothes on much longer than i expected

815am: upper body circuit by the front door so i can make sure nobody is climbing the fence to get at the hens or throwing rocks at the van

9am: bath time and tick check

10am: music and dance (freestyle of course)

11am: chris comes home and we all hang out

1230pm: i fall asleep on the couch

1pm: chris puts the kids to  bed

230pm: wake up wake up and more coffee!

3pm: more outside time

4pm: kids are feeding the hens

430pm: i decide to dye my hair black

5pm: izzy comes running in saying "willie got a chicken! wake it up mommy"

530pm: i chop the chickens head off with a machete to put it out of its misery. i make an attempt at getting out some good meat but willie got to it first so i scrap the whole thing and leave it on the stump for chris to deal with when he gets home.

545pm: wash the blood off my sh*t kickers and start dinner

6pm: i feel kind of weird pulling apart the chicken i had in the crockpot all afternoon since i just beheaded one of our hens

630: topher is home again

715: chris finally notices my hair is not red anymore.

730pm: emergency run to nashville to trade in the Wii for a kinect

930pm: home. tired. hungry.

940pm: kids are sleeping. i'm still waiting to eat. reeds meltdown about his new crib was a little easier tonight. maybe because he was so tired. maybe because he's getting used to it.

now: waiting for chris to get out of the shower so we can eat and watch some more dexter

hopefully i'm not too excited about goodwill half price day to sleep tonight

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