Thursday, March 15, 2012

adventures at vandy

yes. we live there. we are going to get a mailbox put in at the critical care nurses station for anybody who wants to send reed a card.
or send me more coffee

goal for this summer. don't get a cold.

we got into the childrens e.r. at 1030pm. got checked in
 got through triage.
got hidden away in a back hallway by the service elevator when they saw we had hank with us.
then reed started getting worse so i went back to triage and they checked him again and literally ran us to critical care.
breathing machine hooked up
leads attached
tiny gown put on
screaming sweaty reed

about 20 minutes into his 4 hour breathing treatment he turned on us and started FREAKING out
so that was fun
he got hysterical for a while and i had to wrap my arms and legs around him just to keep him from throwing himself onto the floor
i HAD to keep the mask on his face or we would NEVER get to go home

chris and i split 40 minutes of sleep the whole night
also fun
thankfully hank was a tiny fat saint
he was awake almost the whole night
moral support for reed?
he laid on his little bed and played with his toys and looked at reed
and of course flirted with the nurses
typical keldie boy :)
reed finally fell asleep around 430am

i nursed hank and successfully yet accidentally flashed the respiratory specialist
after a couple hours of albuterol and a couple hours of epinephrine we were told to go home and watch him
so we do
we watch
we feel his belly to see how hard he is working to breathe
we look at his neck to see if he is straining
we listen to his chest
we give more breathing treatments
and most of all we try to get him to chill out
ever tried to get a kid hopped up on albuterol to calm down and sit still?
can't really happen
asthma is NO fun
so if ya'll don't see us for a while you know why.
we are avoiding you.
just kidding
but kind of for real
colds are no joking matter for little man's lungs
but one good thing i got out of the long night was a little tiny hospital gown.
ok seriously. its so cute.
but shhhh
don't tell anybody i took it

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