Saturday, March 17, 2012

adventures at vandy: part 2

i wish i could say this was our last adventure at vandy but i know it is not. but hopefully we wont be back for a while.

first, a question:
has anybody ever tried holding an almost 2 year old down for 2 days giving him breathing treatments? yeah not easy. i'm SO tired. that could also have something to do with the fact that i slept 20 minutes wednesday night and only a few hours thursday night
but hey, we're making it.

after the pulling an all nighter in the emergency room the plan was for chris to sleep first and then i would sleep in the afternoon with hank. but by noon we were back in the E.R. so that plan failed miserably.

thursday was a little scary for us
reed was not responding to his breathing treatments for most of the day
his heart rate was waaaaay too high
his breathing rate was waaaaay too high
and his O2 levels kept dropping

now, another question:
can i just hide this kid in the house until he grow out of this?
also...will he grow out of this?

reed is doing better
our entire day is planned around his breathing treatments that happen every 3 hours plus 2 pulmicort treatments that have to be squeezed in there somewhere 
this includes waking him up through the night to do them 

goal for saturday:
get read to eat something. ANYTHING (that he's not allergic to of course)

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