Monday, May 6, 2013

to the nurses


happy nurses week!
honestly i think nurses need more recognition than just a week of people posting on their facebook walls a generic "thanks nurse" post.
but maybe thats because we deal with nurses quite a bit and get to see all the terrible things they have to do
every time i have someone taking care of me or Reed, i am so thankful

i don't understand how any patient could ever yell at a nurse
like seriously, you people don't deserve to be treated if you're going to yell at the person who cleans up after you and does all kinds of nasty stuff

even though they will probably never read this, i just want to say how much i appreciate the Vandy nurses
we have spent lots of time in the children's hospital and in labor and delivery over the past few years

so much time in fact, that the children's emergency room nurses know us by name
there are a few who come in and say hi to Reed and I when they recognize his name on the board
yes, how sad is that?
but its also awesome
they've helped save his life several times
i mean seriously, how do you thank someone for that?

they have helped hold down my screaming child while starting IVs and taking blood.
they've had to talk to a crying and sometimes somewhat hysterical (especially at the beginning of our food allergy adventure) mother.
they've had to restart IVs, re-stick leads, and refill breathing treatments because Reed was tweaking on albuterol and steroids and ripped them all out
and then do it all again an hour later


if you have ever seen the birth of a child you know what those people have to do


i wouldn't even want to clean up my own afterbirth let alone someone elses
plus to have to listen to the laboring mother all night...that has to get annoying
(no wonder the nurses in the hospital up north kept trying to make me get an epi)

and yet they say they love it?

again, gross

ungodly amounts of blood
amniotic fluid (or placenta juice like chris calls it)
and other random nastiness that comes along with birth
L&D nurses:
you are a special kind of human

next time you are in the hospital for any reason, please be nice to your nurses

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