Wednesday, April 11, 2012

50 things you may learn when you are a mother of 3

1. the power of naps...for all ages

2. the power of extra strength shout

3. how to take showers in record time

4. the names of the people that work at poison control
(just kidding. but seriously...)
5. as long as the kids clothes are hung up it doesn't matter if they're inside out or not

6. baked potatoes, baked chicken, and salad can save your whole afternoon

7. kitchen floors need to be washed every other day

8. kitchen floors don't get washed every other day

9. kitchen towels are meant for covering up the dirty oven door (duh)

10. play clothes can be worn for days (and days)

11. sometimes kids need to go to bed extra early for the sake of your husband (winkwink)


13. how to pee while nursing a baby

14. how to shower while nursing a baby

15. how to sleep while nursing a baby

16. how to do dishes, make dinner, change diapers, read books, do hair, do makeup, spank children, carry a toddler...while nursing a baby

17. how to be ambidextrous 

18. how to open and close things and pick things up with your feet (this may be learned while pregnant)

19. its ok to have days where you're digging for clothes in the clean laundry basket because you just haven't had the time to put it away (shouldn't i be doing that right now instead of blogging?)

20. the joy of dry shampoo

21. the joy of headbands

22. a little mascara can go a long way

23. hot black coffee is important to the start of every day

24. big gardens, pinterest crafts, and spotless houses are for those without 3 kids under 3

25. you will crave adult conversation occasionally

26. you will have moments where you're 99.9% sure you're pregnant...and then you wont be (phew)

27. you will not be a "heels and purls" woman

28. sometimes you will yell

29. you can paint your nails in the car on the way to church

30. you must leave the kids with their daddy sometimes so he remembers how hard you work :)

31. double (or triple) every meal you make

32. Proverbs 22:15 and also 29:15

33. you will get super hearing

34. messes are ok if they're learning and having fun

35. you will not get many offers for people to watch your kids

36. you will not get very many invites for dinner

37. silence really is golden...and rare

38. eating dirt and rocks is normal

39. pockets are for caterpillars and handfulls of dirt

40. every bird, squirrel, ant, deer, turkey, cow, etc is a new and very exciting creature

41. the smallest puddle can provide hours of fun

42. rain is not going to kill anybody. let them play in it.

43. mud, water, rocks and sticks > toys

44. a baby wipe + a small child is for helping you "clean" the house

45. "stuff" is not important

46. you will appreciate your own mother more and more with each day

47. you will have days where you wonder if you're actually going to survive until bedtime

48. you will love wet slimy kisses and little dirty hands holding your finger

49. you really will do anything to protect these little people

50. you wouldn't trade your life for all the money, college degrees, or perfect abs in the world

add your own :)
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  1. I think this is amazing! I agree and will be sure to experience more of this as our family grows!