Tuesday, May 8, 2012

happy mothers day

your job doesn't end at 5pm. it doesn't start at 9. you don't get a "lunch break"its 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

its changing diapers
its potty training
its constantly being aware of where the little ones are
its cuddling
its reading books
its being drawn on with chalk
its breaking up fights
its washing wounds and putting on bandaids
its doctors appointments
its scrubbing dirt off dirty feet and hands
its rocks and sand in the washing machine
its getting the wad of paper out of the baby's throat
its thinking ahead to the next meal, the next load of laundry
its planning how to keep little bodies busy
its teaching nutrition

its keeping them safe
its letting them explore
its letting them play in the mud as much as they want
its getting the boys hand out of the toilet

its picking up toys and books
its 6 arms, 6 legs, and 30 little fingers all up in your business...some of them might be in your nose, some might be in their own nose. sometimes at the same time.
you're working even while you're sleeping - feeding the baby
its holding little hands as they learn to walk
its making sure they don't bring the worms they found outside into bed with them...too much
its giving the daughter some knitting needles and some yarn you wont want to use ever again and letting her "knit"

its organized chaos
its showing them that there isn't a monster behind the curtain
you are continuously "baby proofing" or "toddler proofing" as each week passes
its discipline
its never having matching socks
its wrestling before bed
its love
its a beautiful life
its messy and tiring and wonderful
its not for the weak
sometimes you feel like a failure
sometimes you feel like you might just not make it till daddy gets home
its not always fun and games but the amount of love you have for these little people is something you just can't explain
you learn that a completely acceptable "date night" can be very cheap: kids to bed early, dinner and a bottle of wine, snuggle up and watch a movie under a blanket
you go from "lets go out" to "lets spend time together we don't care where it is"

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  1. I LOVE YOU! This is so beautiful.

    You are a rocking awesome mom