Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tips For Sanity From the Keldie Home

1. Nap
this is my first tip for any mom with any amount of kids
nap as much as possible if you have a baby under 3 months old
make it happen
2. Nap
got it?!
3. Have A Beer
No, I didn't say a case. Just one will do.
4. Count to 5
Yelling will just make everyone in the house upset and stressed.
Take a breath, get it together and start again.
5. Be Silly
Tickle, make faces, pretend to be zombies...anything to get everybody laughing again
6. Discipline
Without it you will no longer be the parent and we all know how awful toddlers are at parenting
7. Nap
(just wanted to make sure you didn't forget already)
8. Kiss (your husband)
Ignore the kids for a minute and make out
You're welcome
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Throwback Thursday: A Love Story

Maybe it's the fact that Chris has had to work out of town the past couple weeks and I miss him.
Maybe it's the big envelope of our "old" pictures he found out in the guest house.
Maybe its my sleep deprived emotional self being nostalgic.
Who knows.

So I will take my laptop and coffee to the porch, turn on some Fleetwood Mac, let the kids ride their bikes, and relate to you the story of how Chris and I met, then re-met, and started our lives together.

This love story begins back in the 90's when we were little and homeschooled.
According to Chris, he was the "cool" home schooler and I was the weird kid who smelled like maple syrup.
Thanks dear, I love you too :)

We took an archery class together
He was in mime
I was in choir
His sister and I were friends
We did cool stuff like knit and play recorders (not Chris and I, his sister and I)

The 90's ended and so did our involvement in the home school group

I didn't see Chris until years later when I was working at a coffee shop. He would come in once in a while to be emo and write in his journal. 

Fast forward to the summer of...crap...which year was it?!
2007? 2008? it had to be 2007 because we got married in 2008.
I was driving to work. I did awesome stuff like manage a swimming pool in a rich neighborhood.
Anyways, I was at a red light and sitting to the right of me, on his harley with his tattoos and his hair slicked back, was Chris.
He didn't see me but lets just say I considered skipping work and following him. 
haha ok maybe not...but maybe a little.

Fast forward again to that Christmas.
My family had a tradition of going to see a movie Christmas night
Apparently his family did too but we had never crossed paths in the theater until that year
We were standing in line and I saw Amanda and ran over to talk to her.
I did not talk to Chris. He looked angry.
No seriously guys, he was standing there with his angry eyebrows and his arms folded over his chest.

We found out we were going into the same movie.
Somehow we all ended up in the same row.
My mother in law always jokes that neither of us actually watched the movie. We kept looking down the row at each other. What can I say.

I honestly can't remember if it was that night or the next but I got a text from a number I didn't know.
"this is Chris. we should catch up"
He had been a creeper and begged his sister for my number.

we went from "catching up" to 4 babies.
the end.


we went on our first date to my favorite coffee place. 
Within the first hour he "casually" mentioned that he was ready to settle down and start a family.
Who does that?!

When the coffee place closed we went to steak and shake because they were the only place open.
I got fries
we talked and talked
Then I fell the booth.
Who does THAT?! on a first date?
I'm so lame.

I got home at 1am and laid awake planning our wedding.
He got home and apparently went to his parents room and said "I'm in love! I'm in love! and i don't care who knows it!"

Is that the cutest thing ever or what?

We went out again that week and at the end of the date I was like, "don't call me again if you don't plan on taking this seriously"
He says "I'm in it to win it"

what the what?
I still laugh at him for that one 
chris and manda getting their thug on at the new years eve party
He wasn't kidding. 
One day in June he picked me up and didn't tell me where we were going.
He pulled into my favorite park in Geneva where I spent like half my childhood.
I was upset because I had worked a double at the pool and was sweaty and gross and he insisted that we go for an effing walk instead of letting me shower and eat.
We wandered into this big garden where he started acting really weird.
I was oblivious.
I honestly was NOT thinking we would be engaged in a few minutes. We had already talked about how it probably wouldn't happen till fall.
I was rambling on and on with stories of my little years playing in this park when he grabbed my hand and dropped down on one knee.
30 seconds later we were engaged
He had gone to talk to my dad and bought the ring right before picking me up. I guess he just couldn't wait.

We picked a date and spent the next 8 weeks planning our little back yard wedding and looking for a place to live.

We said our I do's in the place I was born and grew up which might seem lame to some people but was really special to me.
15 minutes later I was pregnant.
2 weeks later, when we got home from our honeymoon, the first thing I did was get a tattoo
the second thing I did was pee on a stick.

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Loving My Post-Baby Self...or trying to

Truth: I tried on 6 different shirts thismorning
Truth: I said terrible things in my head about my own body
Truth: I was reminded that in the past 10 months I grew a human and birthed him
There is WAY too much pressure these days on moms
We are expected to get back to our prebaby selves just days after giving birth
Instead of loving our own body for what it has just done, we punish it and say bad things about it and hate on it in our mind
Truth: I have 3 things that fit me right now
Truth: none of my shirts will button all the way up
Truth: my booty gets pregnant right alone with my belly
Promise: i will put my size 3 jeans away and not even look at them again for a while
Truth: I got rid of shirts that don't fit nursing boobs a long time ago
Promise: I will believe my husband when he says he thinks i'm hot
Promise: i will enjoy this time with my baby and not spend it being miserable about the way i look
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