Tuesday, February 28, 2012

skinny or fat

i will admit to having had some slight anorexic tendencies back in the day. i think just about every girl has their moments. i was more concerned with being a skinny as possible no matter the cost to my health.
thankfully i never got in too deep.
times have changed.
i am married.
i am blessed with a man who thinks i am hot whether or not i still fit into my wedding dress
he thinks that a pregnant belly is one of the sexiest things ever
i have 3 children who depend on me to be strong, healthy, and a good example

i am more concerned with feeling good.
 being able to do things like haul firewood, nurse my little ones, play in the woods with my babies, are far more important than fitting back into my size 2 jeans

i have learned that a reasonable amount of exercise (not 4 hours in the gym) and good whole food is where its at
i know that smiling, laughing, and being hugged is better than any number on the scale

although i still sometimes look at myself and think "holy crap!" i know what is important now. i have to remind myself that i have been pregnant for 3 years with only a little break in between each child.
i know that my body type does not allow me to be a stick and still feel well

with that being said, i also know that i can't let myself go. that would be NOT taking care of myself in the opposite way and it would not be fair to my husband. i know without a doubt that he will always love me but i don't want him to get something he didn't sign up for: a fat lazy unhealthy unhappy wife
he also didn't sign up for a self obsessed insecure calorie counting bag of bones

so find your middle ground 
be healthy and strong
don't waste your life trying to be barbie
take care of what God gave you, including yourself

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Monday, February 27, 2012

laundry troubles and new goals

since laundry is one of those wifey jobs that will never actually be done and it just keeps growing and growing with every child we have, i am going to do something about the amount of laundry. i will admit to being careless with what gets throw into the hamper. 

this ends today

this whole week i am going to try these things and we will see what happens by next monday

1) keep the kids dirty clothes from playing outside for at least 2 days depending on how wet it is out. of course, they will have to be kept in a separate basket so they don't get dirt all over the house but i don't see why they need to be washed every day

2) make everybody in the family use their bath towel 3 times. (now i see why my mom made this rule when i was little) i mean c'mon, you dried yourself with it AFTER washing so its NOT dirty

3) take off reeds clothes during meals. sorry kid, you're still too messy to eat fully clothed

4) if there isn't food stuck to it and it hasn't been pooped or peed on it goes back in the drawer for at least 1 more wear

5) pj's can be worn again. unless somebodys diaper got too wet and soaked through.

chris has been very good about re-wearing his work clothes unless they get covered in dirt or paint.

undies, undershirts, and sweaty socks are allowed to be used just once :) i don't want a stinky family.

hopefully this will cut a few dollars off our electric and water bill too. wouldn't that be nice?

to save myself from post traumatic laundry disorder, i will commit to doing at least 1 load a day AND getting it put away before we go to bed at night. maybe with this new system i wont even have a full load every day. that would also be nice.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

oranges and vinegar

i saw this on pinterest yesterday and since i clean with vinegar and LOVE the smell of orange i just had to try it.

the "recipe" says wait 2 weeks. of course i could barely make it 24 hours before trying it.
put white vinegar in a jar and add orange peels. it says you can use any citrus peel. i'm trying lime next since that is also a citrus we use alot of.
it smells so good already.
i have been trying to find homemade cleaners i can use on different things since i have to avoid strong smelling chemical ones due to reed's asthma problems. now i have one that actually smells good :)
i poured some of it into a spray bottle and put a couple slices of the orange peel in there so i could start using it now but i'm still going to let this jar sit for 2 weeks and see how awesome it smells.

other things i have tried that work:
baking soda - bathtub, stained clothes, crusty crock pot, sink and counters, laundry

vinegar - laundry, floors, highchair, sippy cups, pacifiers, baseboards...pretty much every surface in my house
lavender - not really a cleaner but i make lavender dryer bags instead of using the dryer sheets and it smells deeeelicious

can i add one more thing? 75 degrees in the middle of february?! what the what?!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

how to be a keldie

first things first. try to pretend you are sleeping when your tiny people start saying "momma wake up! wake up! read me a book!"
when that fails, let them come in bed with you and try to sleep for 5 more seconds.
of course that wont last long because the kids will be climbing all over. reed will be trying to climb the dresser and izzy will be getting something out from under the bed.

go into the kitchen.
thank Chris again (in your head) for helping you clean the house before you went to bed.

MAKE COFFEE. this will keep you going until nap time so make sure you do it.

oops. go back and get the kids out of the bathroom and shut the door. roll the toilet paper back up if you want. or just leave it till later. remove bobby pins from childs mouth if necessary.

sit on floor and let the kids climb on you for a few minutes.
start breakfast.
don't let the cream of oats boil over.
sorry hank. i'll get you as soon as i can.

try to stall the kids as long as you can so the lava oats can cool off a little.

oops. hank fell asleep.

while the kids are eating try to sneak into your room to get dressed. 
choices choices

work out clothes?
regular clothes?
a different pair of sweatpants?

no. you have to run today. so just do it.

drag the kids over to the guest house.
they think its funny to throw toys on the treadmill...its not.

phew. ok. thats done.

keep the kids out of the dog poop on the way back to the house.
get the "poop stick" and flick it into the woods.

bribe the kids to come back in the house by telling them they can color/read/play with magnets/take all the cushions off the couch...poor reed

feed hank


try to get through walmart with minimal screaming (try to keep the kids quiet too)

realize, only when you're pulling out of the parking lot, that you forgot something.
say "oh well"
go to your parents house and fill up water jugs. ask them for a couple garbage bags (thats what you forgot to get at the store)

on the way home your 1 and 2 year old will ask "play outside?" which of course the answer is "yes"

this is when you'll want to try to fold and put away laundry and clean the bathroom. 
be thankful that the mud hole is close-ish to the house because thats their favorite place to play
laugh at reed because he always takes handfuls of mud and walks all the way over to the edge of the woods and throws it. weirdo.
watch izzy collect sticks. too cute.

of course they will have to taste the mud...they do every day. maybe one day it will taste like chocolate right?

after an hour or two they will decide they are done and try to run through the house all covered in mud. stop this at the door. remove all clothes. place child in bath tub and soak. add cups and spoons and let them play. this is when you start to think about what to make for dinner.

by this time they will be hungry. lunch of course. 

also, snuggle time with hank. but fist you have to cut up all the veggies you need for dinner and get as much ready as possible.
don't forget to make a GIANT mess of the kitchen while you're at it

when thats done you can knit, nurse, cuddle, blog, journal, and if you're really lucky you'll get the sneak in a quick nap yourself.
this is NOT a time for cleaning the kitchen or starting more laundry as it will be too noisy and wake up the kids.

now its crunch time. also known as "clean before the man of the house gets home" make sure the kids faces aren't gross. make sure dinner is at least cooking when he comes in. make sure you don't look like a bum...this might mean quickly changing into jeans while he's coming down the driveway. oops.
while he's showering you can get his lunch ready for the next day.
then you throw all the kids at him, lock the bathroom door, and take your own shower.

then its dinner time.
watch some NCIS or whatever show happens to be in from netflix that day.
sit down with reed and do his daily breathing treatment.
then its PJs for the little ones, brush some tiny teeth, and hugs and goodnights all around.

take a deeeeeep breath

sit down with your man and enjoy the last moments of the day in peace and quiet



or snugglesleep

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