Tuesday, November 8, 2011

it is possible to live on a budget AND eat healthy

to anybody who thinks poor people can only afford junk food:

i have learned quite a bit in the 3 years of being married and here are a few of them. feel free to comment and add your own.

1) store brand brown rice and dry beans are your best friend. there were a few months of our life where that was basically all we could afford. things have changed but each time i go grocery shopping i still buy a bag of each. we can get several meals out of each

2) cook your own beans. its easy people, so stop buying cans

3) just don't go out to eat. simple as that. better for you, and you'll have lots more $$ in your pocket to buy healthy food

4) stick to basics. eating healthy doesn't have to be fancy. with some veggies and a few spices (plus the rice and beans!) you can make a million different meals. add some eggs or tofu and bam! veggies and protein.

5) don't be so american in thinking you just HAVE to have a giant chunk of meat on your plate for every meal. its just gross and you know it...not to mention, freaking expensive

6) WATER! scary, i know. but pop does NOT hydrate you so just don't even bother. plus it takes 8 glasses of water to balance out the acid in your body from 1 can of pop.

7) desserts are not from satan just chill out on how much you eat. 

8) this is the main one: people worry about eating organic and all that. well guess what, if you can't afford it, don't do it. do the best you can with the money God is giving you and He'll bless you. feed your family healthy food. do what you can with what you have. thats all there is to do. its not complicated so GET ON IT!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

what NOT to do with rice

rice milk: take 1 = big fail. it was more like rice paste when i was done with it. this could be partly due to the fact that last night i cooked it the rice and instead of finishing it, i made chris watch new moon with me. so it sat all night in the water and turned funky. so i turned it into horchata and gave it to the kids for breakfast. today i will try again.

this is what was left of my attempt. rice paste stuck in the cheesecloth. oh well.
i made an attempt at orange chicken. this also failed. chris ate it. it wasn't great though. it was no panda express for sure. i could have given in and fried the chicken pieces but i still haven't given in to the southern ways of frying everything. also, it was WAY too orangy. ick. 

tonight will be a freezer meal from my sister addie. im going to pretend its because i have to spend my afternoon knitting for the christmas extravaganza tomorrow and this is partly true, but also i just don't feel like cooking tonight. so its spaghetti and meatballs :)