Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stay At Home Mama and Blue Collar Man

I stay at home. I knew I would do this since I was a kid. Obviously, since my mom did so would I right? Chris wanted me to stay home with our babies as well and we had a talk about this before we were even engaged. 
This isn't everyone's choice. It's ours though, and I will not be made to feel like I'm less of a woman for doing it. I don't stay at home because I have a husband with a fancy job and we are rich. Quite the opposite. We are still a pay-check to pay-check family just like most of the country these days. Don't assume that just   because I'm not working we are loaded. We decided to make sacrifices to keep me here: barefoot in the kitchen. Although after doing some research I'm not entirely sure how people afford to have 2 working parents? Have you seem the price of daycare? We would actually lose money if I wanted I go back to work. 
Anyway, not rich. Poor and happy. No fancy vacations, no eating out every week, no credit cards or loans, but we are happy. I am happy in my roll and he in his. 
I feel extremely blessed that I have the opportunity to be here while Chris works all day. We could have a crap ton of debt and school loans. He could be lazy and put us on welfare. He could be a jerk and tell me I have to go to work. But no, he sacrifices himself for us and we love him all the more for it. He gets up when it's still dark, puts on his well worn boots and his hard hat and leaves before the sun is up. He comes home tired and dirty some days (dirtier the better! Am I right ladies?!). He scrubs dirt and paint from his hands. He plays with the kids. He loves on me. And he does it all again the next day. I am a lucky girl. 

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