Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You've Got It Made

I realized recently that I tend to complain a little about how easily we are able to make babies.
This shouldn't be viewed as an "affliction".
Although it would mean having 30 more babies if we weren't careful, it is a blessing.
Chris just has to look at me and BAM! 9 months later theres a new baby Keldie.
There are people out there who have a very hard time.
People who can't at all.
People who can't AND are having trouble adopting.
I know them.
I weep for them.
And here I sit whining about how I'm in a constant state of growing babies and/or feeding them. Sometimes at the same time.
I was in Walmart last week.
The small one nursing in the Ergo.
The other 3 swarming around the back of one cart that was literally attached (by the belts) to another cart.
I was bent over trying to hold Ashers head up with one arm, pulling this train of carts with the other while half running through the store.
Kids were trying to climb out, one was crying, one was trying to reach over to steal a banana.
People weren't moving out of our way.
Little hands were reaching out to try to tear apart the whole store.
I was sweating and about to cry when an older guy stopped me.
He said hi to the kids.
He looked at me and said "You've got it made girl. I hope you see that"
Do I?
I know my kids are a blessing.
I love them desperately.
But sometimes in the middle of all the diapers and mess and noise I forget so easily exactly what my situation would mean for some parents.
It would mean the sweet girl who has been wanting a baby for years wouldn't be sitting alone, crying over a negative test for yet another month.
It would mean she would have a sweet baby to sniff, a toddler to teach to fold clothes, 2 little boys who roll around the house wrestling all day.
I don't think I will ever forget what the man said to me that day.
I've got it made.
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  1. You are blessed, Hannah! But blessings aren't without sacrifice. As a mother of many, I identify with what you said. And I kept thinking children are a blessing over and over. But, I was so tired, and stressed and behind. So, when a friend told me that 'blessings aren't without sacrifice', it helped tremendously.

    Enjoy those babies! Smile and hug them. Time flies and all too soon so do they. It's hard work, but you'll never regret the children, only the times you lose your patience (which you may not ever do) and wish you could take it back. The harsh words, frowns and scowls I gave my children are grievous to me.

    Laugh, savor them, love them, you have it made!
    Suzanne (Rebecca Cook's mom, Molly's college roommate)

    1. thank you! that does help :) a huge sacrifice. and trust me, i lose my patience more often than i care to admit :(