Thursday, August 1, 2013

Loving My Post-Baby Self...or trying to

Truth: I tried on 6 different shirts thismorning
Truth: I said terrible things in my head about my own body
Truth: I was reminded that in the past 10 months I grew a human and birthed him
There is WAY too much pressure these days on moms
We are expected to get back to our prebaby selves just days after giving birth
Instead of loving our own body for what it has just done, we punish it and say bad things about it and hate on it in our mind
Truth: I have 3 things that fit me right now
Truth: none of my shirts will button all the way up
Truth: my booty gets pregnant right alone with my belly
Promise: i will put my size 3 jeans away and not even look at them again for a while
Truth: I got rid of shirts that don't fit nursing boobs a long time ago
Promise: I will believe my husband when he says he thinks i'm hot
Promise: i will enjoy this time with my baby and not spend it being miserable about the way i look
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  1. ahhh!! PREACH. this is so good for me to be reminded of. and i must lay off the sweets. they sure aren't helping. . .


  2. I hope and try daily to accept my body. This is one of the hardest part of being a mom. Thanks for the post!