Thursday, January 24, 2013

why i hate pinterest

first, i love pinterest
the hell you say?
no i really do. i think its useful for storing things like workouts that i will actually use and ideas for the kids
i mean its like a giant free magazine! and who doesn't like that.
what i hate about pinterest is how ridiculous it is
i have pinned some pretty stupid things that i haven't even looked at a second time
women are spending hours on this website pinning hundreds of outfits they will never be able to afford, food that nobody should ever be eating, and crafts and projects that should they will never get to
according to pinterest us mothers have to have huge blowout birthday parties for our kids every year
Pinned Image
we have to have the most organized home on the planet
we have to want things that we will never be able to have (umm...can you say not healthy?)
we have to spend hours every day to make our hair look perfect
we have to save every piece of trash that comes through our house
essentially we have to become nutella obsessed hoarders who waste most of our time making some of the most absurd crafts
i mean really? who has time for this?
I see this craft all over Pinterest. If you can’t tell by the photo (who are we kidding, of course you can), this is a piece of “art” made with toilet paper rolls.
I’m sorry, but there is no way that this won’t look exactly like what it is— cut up TP rolls glued together. Your friends will not be impressed by your craftiness. Instead, they may wonder why you decided to save up all your empty Charmin cardboard and then spend time hot gluing them together into a shape. To hang on your wall. For the world to see.
As Tim Gun would say, it looks like an art school project. And by art school I mean 3rd grade art class. There is no making it work here.
and what?!
for dinner its the 6 cheese pasta with cheddar bisquits
and for dessert its the 10 layer cookie dip
1 layer of cream cheese, 1 layer of nutella, 1 layer of butter, 1 layer of crumbled bacon, 1 layer of cool whip, 1 layer of brownie mix, 1 layer of peanut butter cups, 1 layer of cheese, 1 layer of fudge, 1 layer of peanut butter
dip a cookie in that
monster cookie dip!
mmm. everybody wants that at the next super bowl party
most of these recipes should come with a coupon for an ambulance ride
can we talk about cake pops for a second?
WTF was someone thinking when they came up with that one?
cake pops have no business existing.
who are you trying to impress with your pin boards? and how unhappy is it making you with your life? nobody should be upset about having a simple life.
again, i do like pinterest but i constantly see it being abused.
honestly i wish there were about 5x more humor boards
i laugh when i see someone post a paula deen recipe and then their next pin is a 1 hour cardio circuit
first, you're going to need more than 1 hour of cardio to burn off what you just cooked. second, please don't eat paula deen food
props to you if you're actually a crafty person and doing these crafts that you're pinning
thats awesome
i wish i was more crafty
but don't start getting crazy with the idea that you NEED to be the craftiest, hottest, trendiest person you know
and then there's the people who get all dramatic and post quotes about not being hurt by so-and-so. and i don't mean one pin with a quote
i mean 25 in a row
can you say "unfollow"?
I didn't know how to put it in words at first but omg this just took the thoughts out of my head and filtered it into words
what this should really say is "everybody look at me and feel bad for me. me me me me me"
just stop ok?
so now that i've offended most of my pinning friends, i will go clean up my boards and search some more humor pins to laugh at
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