Monday, January 14, 2013

can cold give you a cold?

i have heard so very many people say things like "put on a coat, you'll get sick" or "don't go outside barefoot. you'll get sick" or "bundle'll get sick"
from what?
the wind?
did the wind blow a germ into your mouth?
i mean i guess thats possibly but HIGHLY unlikely
this is an old wives tale
one i am quite sure my mother never actually bought into considering some of the things we were allowed to do when we were younger
-swim in lake michigan when it was 45 degrees
-run barefoot in the snow just to see if we could handle it (not entirely sure my mom knew about this one)
-camp in ice storms (with my3 month old little brother!)
-go coatless while ice skating
you can not catch anything from being out in the cold
there HAS to be an actual germ or virus or bacteria that you get exposed to and the cold air/wind does not count
now, if you get hypothermia your immune system will be compromised and then you might be exposted to a germ and then you can't fight it off as easy
but again, the cold weather didn't give it to you
people get sick in the winter because windows are closed, kids are in school, and some people are less active (exercise is good for you immune system)
germs are floating around/being sneezed and coughed on you, and getting passed easier than they would in the summer
so, if your kids don't feel like wearing a coat when its cold, they're not going to get sick, they're just going to get cold. not A cold. just cold.
and most likely they'll be back in the house within minutes asking for their coat and hat
real quick, while we're talking about germs and such...
stop being nasty and spreading your contaminated feces and vomit particles around on stuff when you're sick with a stomach virus
thats the only way it gets passed you know
wash your freaking hands and stay home
do you even know how much poop is on your bathroom door handle and the faucets?
yeah, its gross
and lastly
ok i'm done
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