Saturday, October 13, 2012

a short(ish) story about food

we'll start from the beginning.
i was breastfed.
of course.
i was raised by a crunchy momma who fed us homemade everything, whole wheat bread that she ground the flour for herself, barley grass drinks, very little sugar, herbs from the garden, etc etc. we even chewed on sticks....for fun.
for this i am extremely thankful
(thanks mom)
then i started working when i was 15
and i started eating like crap
i'm pretty sure i lived on protein bars and diet coke for about 3 years
then i went on a carrot and mustard kick for several months
then i switched from diet coke to coffee
lots and lots and LOTS of coffee
ever drank so much coffee that you got tired?
yeah. at least once a week for me
i had problems
when i was 17 i looked awful, felt was awful
then i met these 2 girls and they said "you look awful" and they got me on this vitamin drink their mom sold
all i can say is wow
and also that i'm still taking it
every day.
i went to college
gained a few pounds
lost alot more pounds during christmas break
when chris and i started dating i was a stick
he fattened me up to a big ol size 3
our first grocery purchase when we got married: a case of coke for chris, a case of diet coke for me, and a box of trix.
yes. its true.
and disgusting.
then 20 minutes later i was pregnant...although i didn't know it until 2 weeks later
then chris got laid off
we got poor
we immediately started eating brown rice and beans like they were going out of style
thats where the switch happened
we went vegetarian simply to cut the grocery bill down
waaaay down
i knew i had to grow a baby so i stopped eating crap
chris wasn't as convinced
then i started eating to run
it was all about the protein
and longer runs
longer and longer
till i was up to 10miles at a time
until i found out i was pregnant with hank
then i threw up
and quit running
reed turned 1
had his first anaphylactic reaction to dairy
this is where things got crazy (as most of you know)
now we eat ridiculously healthy
like, bird food healthy
we went from trix and diet coke to getting rid of all processed food, dairy, eggs, wheat, nuts, fish, refined sugar, juice, pop, beer (except sometimes i let chris get some bud), GMO's, meat with antibiotics and hormones etc
not that all those things are bad, thats just what we do to keep our 2 year old alive
so. all this to say we didn't always eat like we do now
you TOO can make a change
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  1. You're blessed to have had a crunchy mom and your kids are blessed that you are one too! Thank you for helping me make the food transition.