Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the hall patient

my family seems to really like spending time at vandy. this time it was my turn. i mean, if i'm not going to have a baby this year i might as well make an appearance at the hospital right?
7 hours in a hospital bed
1 CT scan
6 blood draws
1 lady-problem doctor
1st experience with morphine
zofran. ahhhh
1 puddle of blood on the floor when my vein decided to squirt during the blood draw
1 puke bag
3 tattoo compliments
1 IV
1 time getting walked in on by a teenage boy while i was peeing
lots of people watching since i was "the hall patient"...which i decided is more fun than being in a real room. lots more action
1 prescription for more zofran. ahhhh
1 pregnancy test (negative. sorry folks)
2 minutes of walking down the hall holding a pee cup...with pee in it
orders to follow up with 2 different doctors
chris wondered why i chose to wear my largest baggiest pants and one of his hoodies.seriously, the pants were held up with a safety pin which got a good laugh out of the radiologist guy. but i mean, c'mon, when you're puking and having some awesome pain the last thing you are thinking about is dressing up for a E.R. visit. sorry chris.
my mother, who is amazing, stayed with my kids at home. all of them. yikes! God bless the woman. somehow she got my house super clean by the time we got home. she must have some magical mom powers to be able to do that. i have no yet reached that level of motherhood. i hope to one day. maybe i have to wait till i'm a grandma.
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