Wednesday, September 12, 2012

something about herbs

here's the thing with herbs
they don't cure or prevent everything.
technically i'm supposed to say they don't cure or prevent anything
there ya go
just because you are drinking echinacea tea every day doesn't mean you'll never get sick
just because you're dropping olive leaf drops under your tongue doesn't mean you'll never get the stomach virus
in my experience, herbs have lessened the symptoms in a huge way or helped us get over things much more quickly than normal
here's another thing
tylenol. sudafed. antibiotics. cough syrup. benedryl. codeine. claritin. etc. etc. etc. cover up the symptoms. sure the antibiotics kill some germs but they also make your immune system weaker. herbs don't cover symptoms but they also don't fix everything in life
life is sometimes painful and sometimes you will get sick
get over it
its the curse
there's just no way around that
 (p.s. i wish i had this much lavender!)
do you think God just randomly created all these awesome plants just so we could look at them?
they have so many healing properties and very few, if any, side effects
use them
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