Monday, September 10, 2012

question of the...year?

when is baby keldie #4 coming?
well...not yet. that i know of anyways.
trust me, you will know about 5 seconds after we do.
we suck at secrets
we can't handle the usual 12 week baby secret
so just be patient friends
i know, hank is almost 1 so we are slacking
it is quite possible that chris has baby fever worse than i do
i never thought it possible
i appoligize for the lack of new recipes lately
i seriously have no imagination when it comes to food the past couple months
as a result we have eaten lots and lots of cabbage spaghetti and salad with grilled chicken
which is what we're having tonight. the salad part anyways
recently we have gotten a little sad that reed has allergies
this time, not so much because we feel bad for him but because we can't do much with friends
that sounds really selfish
but you know what i mean
we still feel bad for him and his life threatening allergic reactions
this week we got invited to do a few different things and couldn't because of food/cats/food that was at these places
and really, who wants to come over and eat cabbage spaghetti? probably no one...although we LOVE it

side note, does anybody have a donkey i could milk?
or a camel...or a water buffalo?
i think my plan to combat this sadness about not being about to do things with our friends most of the time, is to plan hiking trips for us. yes. that will cure it! good thing i have a book about the hiking trails in tennessee. after i study up on some orthomolecular nutrition, i will study up on hiking trails and plan our weekends this fall
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