Tuesday, September 25, 2012

kitchen chair adventures

yesterday i was doing my normal stuff
i was in the middle of scrubbing the bathtub when i suddenly just HAD to load the kids into the van and go to walmart
to buy paint
it was an emergency
i have hated my kitchen chairs for quite a while
not because they are ugly
but because they were just gross
peeling paint
sunbutter rubbed into the cracks by small hands
these were left here by the previous owners and we were soooo happy they were because otherwise the 5 of us would be sharing 2 hobbit sized chairs.
i had planned on just finding "new" ones at goodwill one day but that hasn't happened in the almost 3 years we've been here
so anyways. sandpaper. paint. some nasty old jeans. and i was ready
i tried to remember all the things painterhusband had taught me the last time we painted together.
i sanded. i cut in. i even cleaned my brush the right way as soon as i was done with each coat
go me
i've learned something since being married to painterhusband. paint is more than cosmetic. much more. it protects and helps preserve the surface you are painting. things need paint to last.
now my chairs will make it a little longer AND i wont be embarassed when friends want to sit on them
sorry friends
i realized something. i would be the worst artist. or rather, the most dead artist. i didn't eat, drink, or even sit down all day yesterday,. i just kept working. and today was almost the same if it hadn't been for hank and his super-hungry self wanting to nurse all the time. i actually ate an apple on the run.
again...go me
now if i can just stop being OCD about touching up we will be able to sit on them sometime...this year. seriously, someone come take the brush away from me because i keep looking for missed spots and i can't stop.
but aren't they pretty?
and look what a little baking soda and vinegar did!
eventually i'll find some funky fabric i love to re-cover them but these cleaned up pretty well considering the disasters they've been through
tune in later for "sunflower seed butter adventures"
its going to be epic
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  1. Wow! Those chairs look amazing! Great job!