Thursday, September 20, 2012

herbs, TV, and not so many toys

we recently went through our first sickness since we started using herbs. we got the lung funk. cough, congestion, runny nose, sore throat...and wheezing for half of us. this is the 2nd cold reed has ever had that hasn't sent him to the ER. and this was a respiratory infection. he should have been in the ER. i'm not saying my herbs cured him. but they helped. alot. they helped all of us alot. chris came home one night and asked for my "magic tea". we used alot of olive leaf and the immune booster tincture. i also made a tea from several different herbs that help with wheezing, coughing, and killing off germs. then i added a little cayenne. i feel like our recovery time was faster. izzy and reed got over it the fastest.
they still have coughs but the fever/lying around and not moving part ended in less than a day. they also got the largest amounts of tincture
chris got the least since he only took it in the morning before he left and at night when he got home. he spent one night borrowing reed's nebulizer he got so bad.
i avoided the sickness the entire time the kids and chris were sick. thought i was home free. stopped taking my herbs. and got sick 2 days later with major sinus crap and coughing.
hank has held out but finally got a fever a few days after i did.
so. the 3 that took the most herbs got the least sick.
next time i wont quit taking them just because everyone seemed better.
TV and Not So Many Toys
i'm not saying i'm against TV and toys. this is just what we've done and its helped us alot
recently we took all the kids movies out to the guest house
we also took out most of their toys and books
we are getting down to the bare minimum
terrible parents you say?
here's what would happen
kids would go play in their room
they would dump out ALL the toy containers in a pile
then throw stuff
then walk away 5 minutes later
they were too overwhelmed about the mess to figure out how to clean it up
i got mad because i had a giant pile of crap to clean up
finally i decided it was time to go montessouri on their butts
so i left a few books and a tiny basket of cars and animals
don't worry. i didn't throw it away. we're rotating things after a few weeks....maybe longer.
the movies...well...i don't know when we'll let them come back.
the kids have been behaving so much better than they were a few weeks ago
i'm not saying its because of this and this only
but i believe it has helped
its not like they were even watching movies that much. once in a while i'd attempt to use it as a babysitter so i could try to put away some laundry or wash some dishes. not cool.
they've started being more creative with their playing
which i absolutely love
i've started to be more creative in my ninja moves to get stuff done
they actually PLAY with their toys. instead of just piling them up and leaving a mess
we have been able to avoid all the clean-up-fights: kids crying, me upset, wooden spoons coming out, kids crying some more. it just wasn't cool.
i wish we had done this years ago
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  1. I'm so on the same page about tv and toys! I unplug the tv now so autumn can't turn it on and start watching it and it helps patrick and I talk to each other and interact with autumn more. Rotating toys was something we started this year. I remember the toy fights as a child and I didn't want to "buy my child's love" which is why some parents end up unconciously buying more toys than their child needs or will ever play with. We haven't bought many toys but Patrick's birth mom and birth family loves to shower the first grand child with toys so we have a tub full in the closet that will come out over time. I love how creative your kids are! The newest "toy" we have bought for autumn has been crayons and dollar bin coloring books. She's so happy with them!