Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a normal sick day

chris and i watching psych while the kids are in bed last night
we hear a tiny crinkly noise
maybe its a mouse
10 minutes later
reed is not infact, in bed. he's sitting on the counter eating crackers
i am attempting to type a sentence in my previous post
i see a hairy childs head under the kitchen table
i hear a noise
oh, thats just the sound of sharpie on the wood floor
no big deal
p.s. where did they even find a sharpie? i can't even find a freaking pencil in this house
reed: i has itties in my buns!! i has itties!
i check.
oh. of course, a spider crawling on your butt cheek. totally normal.
i leave the kitchen to get hank out of the bathroom
when i come back, this is what i find
thanks for the cream in my coffee izz
later, we colored. izzy made me.
then the request for the mattress so i yanked it off the top bunk and threw it in the back room
i can't tell if hank is scared or having fun
i guess it was time to jump off the kitchen chairs
which gave me an idea....
why did this picture turn out half dark and half light?
obstacle course! duh!
hank made his own
also...he has a cute face
later, while i was attempting to pour myself a new cup of coffee (the one that got a used q-tip ten thrown in ten minutes later), they decided it was time to knit
now that the disaster cleanup has mostly ended, it is time for a peppermint bath and a dose of garlic oil on their feet.
and a prayer that i will make it till nap time without pulling out all my hair
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