Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Very Keldie Morning

520am - wakey wakey. kids are climbing and asking to play and asking for breakfast and fighting to see who gets to be under the covers and throwing pillows and falling off the bed and shaking hanks pack n play and pushing the vacuum around and unfolding my folded towels

take a deep breath

530am - run and crunch
enjoy the wind in your hair and the sounds of the birds waking up. look at the trees and the flowers and...oh wait. nevermind. get on the treadmill in the front half of the hot sweaty guest house and throw some toys at the kids to see how many miles you can get in before they start to get stir crazy. remind yourself just how much you love these tiny people and how someday you'll be able to go running all by yourself outside but you will be missing their little feet and their little hands trying to reach under your feet while you're pounding the belt. you will miss this. i promise.

630am - breakfast for the babes

645am - remind yourself that breakfast is important and scarf down some yogurt while the kids are actually sitting still

730am - pack sufficient amounts of diapers, epipens, and spanking spoons for a morning of errands

 - go to friends house to pick up free stuff (woot!), go to tractor supply, go to state farm office, go to farm stand and get an awesome amount of veggies for $4!! say what?!-
10am - put kids on back deck to play with their new toy from said friend


1010am - take a drink

1030am - sit by the window with some water and do some that word? it means studying up on herbs. at least it does now. or i guess it could also mean planting herbs.

1100amam - cut up the things you will need to make veggie soup and salad for dinner
i know you're probably saying "what?! soup! when its 100 degrees outside?!" but yes, its soup for dinner. the a/c is usually pretty cold when chris gets home because he likes it that way so i don't think anyone will notice...unless they go outside and try to eat the soup. then they might overheat. and die.
ok not really

1130am make yourself some meusli 

1145am - lavender and eleuthero tea time!

my new mental health tea blend. i think every mom should have this in her tea collection

first of 2 daily breathing treatments...and the 10 minutes of tv time that happened today.
 obviously hank doesn't really care about watching all dogs go to heaven

noon - lunch!

aaaaand naps
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  1. GO girl. you are so awesome.

    sure do wish we were hanging out today.

  2. I can't believe you get up so early! I'd shoot someone for waking me up before 8 am! LOL you're an amazing mom and are excellent with your time and kids!