Thursday, June 28, 2012

a pep talk for those looking for excuses

you've seen every ad for dieting (but maybe not this one)
pills, drinks, tea, vibrating belly bands (wtf?)
being fit and healthy is NOT a quick easy thing.
if it says "lose 10 pounds in 3 hours" or "lose 20 inches in a week"  you probably shouldn't even be looking at it
the first thing you should ask yourself is this "what do i eat?" and "what do i DO"
whats your verb? run? walk? jog? lift? spin? swim? ride?

don't give me excuses like "but i crave icecream and cheetos"
well guess what. stop eating crap and you'll stop craving it. your body isn't getting what it needs so you are craving everything. don't lie.
also, try drink this thing called WATER once in a while. not once in a while. all the time. pour the pop down the drain. stop drinking juice. its fruit flavored sugar water.
 its disgusting and you know it. stop drinking energy drinks. do you even know whats in those? stop adding fake creamer and sugar to your coffee. black coffee is really a beautiful tasting thing as long as you get good coffee. trust me. i know. i'm a coffee snob.
i've said this a bazillion times....but get the crap out of your house. DON'T stop for fast food just because you starved yourself all day and now you're going crazy with hunger. try eating breakfast. yeah. do that for a change.
 don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry


walking to the mail box doesn't count...even for me and my mailbox is a quarter mile walk
sweating and getting your heart rate up wont kill you...well most of you. sorry in advance for anyone with heart problems. i didn't mean to offend. but the rest of you, i did.
get out of breath
get stinky

try this for a month.
1 month
you'll be shocked and surprised at how awesome you feel
you might not be a skinny stick. Lord knows i'm not and never will be. but you will feel great and know you're healthy.
stop trying to take short cuts to your skinny jeans
a little discipline never hurt anybody

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