Monday, April 30, 2012

just a little peak into our world today

izzy picks up reed around the knees and drops him on his head

hank eats a rock and a piece of plastic

reed and izzy jump on hank

reed poops, immediately takes off his diaper, and runs away

hank gets stuck under bed

reed climbs up shelf

izzy picks up hank around the neck and under one arm and walks away with him

hank chills

reed and izzy jump in crib and break one of the legs

hank sucks on daddy's toes

reed finds and squeezes a caterpillar just a little too hard

self runs over cardinal on the way home

reed and izzy have stick fight

reed climbs up counter

reed climbs onto table

izzy "changes" hank

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  1. And all while this is happening their wonderful mother watches over them! You're a great mom Hannah!

    1. or TRY to watch them. haha. i felt like i was running back and forth from one disaster to the next all day

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  3. I needed to smile and this post made it happen :) Love reading ur blog.