Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a word on happy husbands

there are obvious ways to make your husband happy...i wont get into that. ya'll know what they are.
then there are not so obvious, less exciting ways to make your man happy.
but if you get the right attitude about it it can be fun.
every man is different
figure yours out please
or just ask him and he will tell you

a thing that i have learned about chris in our 3 short years of marriage is that he likes things clean

i am, by nature, a messy person
slightly crazy
a tiny bit of a spaz running from one thing to the next with a million ideas in my brain
he is organized, clean, thorough, calm
i leave the lid to the toilet up
he closes it after me
i try to remember 
i leave my pajama drawer open
he closes it
he reminds me
i try to remember
he throws his socks ON the hamper, instead of inside it
i pick them up
i remind him
he tries to remember
we make a perfect pair

my goal, before he walks in the door every day, is to get a few things done that he likes
personally, i love a clean kitchen and laundry put away
my soul is at peace when there are no dishes in the sink
he doesn't necessarily care that the dishes are all clean and put away
he likes the hoosier and the piano cleaned off
he likes the toys picked up off the floor
he likes to at least smell dinner cooking
he likes to be able to walk into the kids room to put them to bed without almost killing himself on a toy car
he likes the rug vacuumed 

these things DO NOT happen every day. there are a few days (very few) that they ALL get done at once
but i try to have some done every day for him
i have my list and his list and his list gets stars next to things i know are important to him
i absolutely have to write things down
if he asks me to pick him up some new razors i will forget 5 seconds later if i don't write it on the fridge
thats just the way my brain works (or doesn't work)
a curse
so i have learned to help myself by using post its and sharpies

make your man happy
show him you care about what he likes
don't do it because you want to get him to do something
do it out of love
change your attitude
get over yourself
love on your man in every way

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