Friday, March 2, 2012

a project for lovers

over the next few days chris and i will be working on our island and a small section of cabinet for above the washer and dryer. can i just tell you that i'm SO excited!
excited to have more cabinet space
excited to have a little more counter in my kitchen
excited to be doing a hands on project with my man
excited that i am married to a sexy professional painter who can help me fix the messes i'm about to make

yesterday we went to the habitat home store in nashville to look around for some cheap cabinets. i was only expecting to find something crappy that i could use for the "laundry room/closet" and i didn't care what it looked like because it would be hidden.
what i found is something i consider a treasure. i don't know if its the amazing hardware or the fact that it reminds me of the cabinets in the house i where i was born and grew up. either way, i was thrilled beyond belief when i saw them sitting there in the back of the store
not only the cabinet for the wall, but a small section of cabinet that i will be turning into a little island for my kitchen

so thrilled that i forgot to buckle hank into his carseat before we left for home
i'm pretty sure every mother has done this. and if you haven't, moms, i'm sure you will

while the kids were falling asleep i took the handles and hinges off to get it ready.

 when chris gets home we are going to pick up the paint and sandpaper. he said i should go get the paint while he's at work...but last time i did that by myself we had a pink bedroom instead of a tan bedroom. gross.
so i will wait

first chris fixed up the back for me

then we spent the whole afternoon painting...and repainting. and then he even let me caulk 

we were interrupted by a severe weather watch/ tornado warnings and took a little trip down to the valley to hide out in our neighbors underground shooting range. of course, nothing happened. barely any rain. but at least we had fun with my family for a little while. and of course, both my boys pooped all over the place while we were down there.
so thats it for the day. we are waiting till tomorrow to put the final coat on the island. hopefully the one cabinet will be hung tomorrow night. so yes, there will be more posts and pictures to come. 

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