Monday, March 26, 2012

a dress from a sheet

the sheet that was a part of our love tent from last weekend is now making a second appearance on my blog. this time as a dress.
i bought it over a year ago from goodwill for $1.50. it has served me well. it has been used for forts for the kids, for an indoor picnic blanket, for the tent, and finally as a dress.

all i did was cut a rectangle a little wider than my widest part (which is quite wide, i assure you) sewed the arm holes, sewed up the open side, folded over the top and sewed it and then made a tie and strung it through. 
after that, i immediately got an attitude.
just kidding.

a few things played into me getting some time to sew
1. reed took a nap
2. hank fell asleep at 1 for his nap
3. izzy decided she wanted to keep playing outside and has been out there going on 3.5 hours. and she's still digging in the dirt and blowing bubbles and running up and down the hill

now i must go make dinner
its "left over stiry fry night"
i swear we eat this teriyaki stir fry every other day. its just so delicious
so i guess i'll just go put some honey on my face and take a shower or do some pushups or something

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