Tuesday, February 28, 2012

skinny or fat

i will admit to having had some slight anorexic tendencies back in the day. i think just about every girl has their moments. i was more concerned with being a skinny as possible no matter the cost to my health.
thankfully i never got in too deep.
times have changed.
i am married.
i am blessed with a man who thinks i am hot whether or not i still fit into my wedding dress
he thinks that a pregnant belly is one of the sexiest things ever
i have 3 children who depend on me to be strong, healthy, and a good example

i am more concerned with feeling good.
 being able to do things like haul firewood, nurse my little ones, play in the woods with my babies, are far more important than fitting back into my size 2 jeans

i have learned that a reasonable amount of exercise (not 4 hours in the gym) and good whole food is where its at
i know that smiling, laughing, and being hugged is better than any number on the scale

although i still sometimes look at myself and think "holy crap!" i know what is important now. i have to remind myself that i have been pregnant for 3 years with only a little break in between each child.
i know that my body type does not allow me to be a stick and still feel well

with that being said, i also know that i can't let myself go. that would be NOT taking care of myself in the opposite way and it would not be fair to my husband. i know without a doubt that he will always love me but i don't want him to get something he didn't sign up for: a fat lazy unhealthy unhappy wife
he also didn't sign up for a self obsessed insecure calorie counting bag of bones

so find your middle ground 
be healthy and strong
don't waste your life trying to be barbie
take care of what God gave you, including yourself

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  1. gosh. this is so good. i pretty much have thought you have always looked good. . . even in your superwomanpregnancyyears.

    love ya.