Thursday, February 23, 2012

oranges and vinegar

i saw this on pinterest yesterday and since i clean with vinegar and LOVE the smell of orange i just had to try it.

the "recipe" says wait 2 weeks. of course i could barely make it 24 hours before trying it.
put white vinegar in a jar and add orange peels. it says you can use any citrus peel. i'm trying lime next since that is also a citrus we use alot of.
it smells so good already.
i have been trying to find homemade cleaners i can use on different things since i have to avoid strong smelling chemical ones due to reed's asthma problems. now i have one that actually smells good :)
i poured some of it into a spray bottle and put a couple slices of the orange peel in there so i could start using it now but i'm still going to let this jar sit for 2 weeks and see how awesome it smells.

other things i have tried that work:
baking soda - bathtub, stained clothes, crusty crock pot, sink and counters, laundry

vinegar - laundry, floors, highchair, sippy cups, pacifiers, baseboards...pretty much every surface in my house
lavender - not really a cleaner but i make lavender dryer bags instead of using the dryer sheets and it smells deeeelicious

can i add one more thing? 75 degrees in the middle of february?! what the what?!

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  1. How do you make the lavendar dryer bags?
    What is good for toliets?

    1. well the first time i made the lavender bags i got all fancy and sewed cute little pouches. this last time i couldn't find the time to get my sewing machine out so i just scooped some dried lavender into a sock and tied it in a knot. haha. go to for cheap dried herbs
      as for toilets. pouring some vinegar in 10 minutes before scrubbing works amazing. you can also pour in some baking soda

  2. Awesome! Thank you!