Monday, February 27, 2012

laundry troubles and new goals

since laundry is one of those wifey jobs that will never actually be done and it just keeps growing and growing with every child we have, i am going to do something about the amount of laundry. i will admit to being careless with what gets throw into the hamper. 

this ends today

this whole week i am going to try these things and we will see what happens by next monday

1) keep the kids dirty clothes from playing outside for at least 2 days depending on how wet it is out. of course, they will have to be kept in a separate basket so they don't get dirt all over the house but i don't see why they need to be washed every day

2) make everybody in the family use their bath towel 3 times. (now i see why my mom made this rule when i was little) i mean c'mon, you dried yourself with it AFTER washing so its NOT dirty

3) take off reeds clothes during meals. sorry kid, you're still too messy to eat fully clothed

4) if there isn't food stuck to it and it hasn't been pooped or peed on it goes back in the drawer for at least 1 more wear

5) pj's can be worn again. unless somebodys diaper got too wet and soaked through.

chris has been very good about re-wearing his work clothes unless they get covered in dirt or paint.

undies, undershirts, and sweaty socks are allowed to be used just once :) i don't want a stinky family.

hopefully this will cut a few dollars off our electric and water bill too. wouldn't that be nice?

to save myself from post traumatic laundry disorder, i will commit to doing at least 1 load a day AND getting it put away before we go to bed at night. maybe with this new system i wont even have a full load every day. that would also be nice.

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  1. I have been doing some of the same things that you have been doing. We have to go to the laundry mat and at 3.50 a load-thats to wash and dry total;you want to do laundy sparingly!

    1. laundry is taking over my life so hopefully i can get good at these things soon!