Thursday, January 12, 2012

poor and healthy

this recipe has gotten us through some of our leaner times. but it is still a favorite even when we can afford expensive stuff like...chicken or quinoa. lol. but for real, this is a cheap way to feed lots of people.

Rice Latkes

2-3 cups rice
3-5 grated carrots
2-3 grated onions
salt and pepper
3-6 eggs*
1/4 cup wheat flour
crushed red pepper

the worst part of this recipe is grating onions. seriously. its awful. so if you have a food processor with the grating attatchment...USE IT!

pan fry in a little coconut or olive oil. top with salsa tomatoes hummus cucumbers sour cream...SALT!! whatever you want. chris puts bbq sauce on them which i think is disgusting but hey...whatever.

dont go complaining to me about the cholesterol in eggs while youre holding a greasy bag of mcd's. i dont want to hear it. throw it away, wipe the sheen off your hands and try eating something healthy for a change. eggs included. and if you even think about using egg beaters...or whatever the crap that fake stuff is i'll hunt you down and force feed  you a salad.

ok my rant is over :) go make some good food for your family!!

*for the first time ever, reed gets to have rice latkes that actually look like the ones the rest of us are eating. i found an egg replacement i can feel ok about feeding him :) 1TBLS flax meal and 3 TBLS water = 1 egg :) no soy! yay!!

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