Wednesday, November 2, 2011

what NOT to do with rice

rice milk: take 1 = big fail. it was more like rice paste when i was done with it. this could be partly due to the fact that last night i cooked it the rice and instead of finishing it, i made chris watch new moon with me. so it sat all night in the water and turned funky. so i turned it into horchata and gave it to the kids for breakfast. today i will try again.

this is what was left of my attempt. rice paste stuck in the cheesecloth. oh well.
i made an attempt at orange chicken. this also failed. chris ate it. it wasn't great though. it was no panda express for sure. i could have given in and fried the chicken pieces but i still haven't given in to the southern ways of frying everything. also, it was WAY too orangy. ick. 

tonight will be a freezer meal from my sister addie. im going to pretend its because i have to spend my afternoon knitting for the christmas extravaganza tomorrow and this is partly true, but also i just don't feel like cooking tonight. so its spaghetti and meatballs :) 

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