Wednesday, October 26, 2011

things i've learned in 2 years

we're coming up on our 2 year tennessee anniversary on sunday.

1) if you don't like your old house trailer you can just pull a new one up right next to it and move
2) there is no such thing as "halloween decorations". thats just how you do landscaping down here
3) everyone hoards tires...and then burns them

4) if your truck doesn't work, throw it in neutral and give it a push down the nearest hill
5) who needs a firepit when you could use a garbage can

6) literally ANYTHING can be fried. its scary.

7) if anyone so much as sees a snowflake there will be a walmart raid and they will be out of food for 2 days

8) cigarettes are part of every families food budget

9) road rage can lead to a gun shot wound
10) you are guaranteed to see the following on any given day at walmart:
a. mullet...on a woman
b. a kid with no pants
c. a man with way too much amo in his buggy

but i also have learned a few other things. when people ask you how you are doing they really want to know. when they say "call if you need anything" they mean it. anythinhg...and sometimes get upset if you don't ask.

its ok to drive slow
tobacco season smells delicious

rain clouds mean business

lots of people live on dirt roads (including my family)

tennessee is beautiful

i love the view from my house. right now i see all the oak trees changing color out my kitchen window. i can finally see where the cliff drops off in the back yard since the trees are losing leaves.
this is all i see from every window. no houses, no traffic, no roads.
once in a while you can hear the old man across the valley singing.

so i would have to say that when we were offered this house and 2 weeks later were driving down here with all our stuff, we made the best decision ever.


  1. great post - makes me want to move south...

  2. Praise God for him blessing you with such a lovely home! As Patrick and I were driving home this month to visit,we drove through TN and all I could think was that it was so beautiful and that it was where God lived!